Events & Catering

Off-Premise Catering

Alison Events provides full service off premise catering and event management.

The nice thing about hiring Alison Events for your events is that we do all the work, and we’re very happy to do it.  You can arrive and enjoy just as much as your clients and guests.


We are happy to cater events from 2 - 250


This is your event and we are happy to accommodate you in any way possible.


Flowers & Design: We have several local florists and event designers we work with, or we can do simpler designs with our in house master, Michael Harrington.
Invitations: We can print and mail your invitations on simple stock for you as long as we are supplied with copy 6 weeks in advance and a mailing list 5 weeks in advance.
Music: We are happy to arrange music of any kind within our network of amazing dj's and musicians
Placecards: We do most of our printing in house, and can print place cards.  Four days prior to the event we need a list of names, and a seating chart if one is being used.  Last minute changes can be made easily, as long as we have the bulk of the list in time.
Printed Menus: We will print a special menu for the guest on our stationary, or special note cards. On this menu we can also print any message, or greeting requested, as long as we have four days notice.


We tailor our event menus to your needs, and we will design a menu with full respect of the given budget. The cost will vary, depending on the menu chosen, the time of the party, the amount of people, the day or night of the week.  Tax is an additional 8.875%, and gratuity is a minimum of 20% or a flat rate.  We require a deposit at the time of booking, and payment in full on the night of the event unless special arrangements have been made ahead of time.  We do prefer to be paid by check, or cash. However all major credit cards are accepted. Please contact us for further pricing details.Complete and submit the form below for us to review your catering needs.

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